Azure IP can help with all your IP issues. Helping to protect your ideas, and once your ideas have been protected the exploitation and use of your intellectual property.
We offer a range of services related to identifying, obtaining and utilizing your Intellectual Property.
These services include:

  • Understanding your business;

  • Helping you identify the Intellectual Property Rights needed to protect your business;

  • Helping you define an IP strategy that suits your business needs;

  • Searching for prior art and competitors’ and customers’ IP and patents;

  • Drafting patent applications to suit your commercial needs;

  • Prosecuting your applications at the relevant Patent Office;

  • Patent Portfolio Management;

  • Renewals and address for service for annuities;

  • Registration of assignments, licenses and any other transaction;

  • Assistance with exploitation of your rights once they are in place.

Drafting Patent Applications:

We will help you identify the novel and inventive features of your new idea. We will then work in conjunction with you to prepare a patent applications which both protects your invention and is tailored to your business needs.

Prosecuting Patent Applications:

We will advise you on the interpretation of any objections raised by the Patent Office following filing and we will provide you with possible courses of action and arguments which can then be presented to the Patent Office to argue the validity of your rights.

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